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“The bright and bubbly Lauren Everett sparkles in the plucky titular role. In addition to her radiant vocals, Everett conveys keen period-flavored nuances and brings heartfelt earnestness to Nanette’s desire to break free from her sheltered existence.”

Russell Florence Jr. of Dayton Most Metro, “No, No, Nanette!”

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“As the title character, Lauren Everett embodies the bubbly yet unsatisfied personality of a young woman yearning to experience life. She also sings with a confidence and clarity befitting a lady leading.”

Scott Cain, Talkin’ Broadway: Regional Review, “No, No, Nanette!”

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“I liked the work of … Lauren Everett as ‘Iris.’ As one audience member said during the talkback, ‘Iris is scary.’ She was; in the best way possible.”

Kirk Sheppard, of The Sappy Critic, “Wyatt’s Bed”


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