Russell Florence Jr. of Dayton Most Metro, “No, No, Nanette!”

“The bright and bubbly Lauren Everett sparkles in the plucky titular role. In addition to her radiant vocals, Everett conveys keen period-flavored nuances and brings heartfelt earnestness to Nanette’s desire to break free from her sheltered existence.”

Scott Cain, Talkin’ Broadway: Regional Review, “No, No, Nanette!”

“As the title character, Lauren Everett embodies the bubbly yet unsatisfied personality of a young woman yearning to experience life. She also sings with a confidence and clarity befitting a lady leading.”

Kirk Sheppard, of The Sappy Critic, “Wyatt’s Bed”

“I liked the work of … Lauren Everett as ‘Iris.’ As one audience member said during the talkback, ‘Iris is scary.’ She was; in the best way possible.”

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